Clearing & Settlement

In order to ensure the highest security for our clients, United First Partners and Schneider Trading Associates Limited have a strategic partnership with Goldman Sachs acting as a global clearing and settlement agent. Goldman Sachs is perceived as one of the most financially stable global institutions, with a current BAA1 (Moody’s) and an A- (Standard & Poor’s) credit rating.

United First Partners LLC, the US regulated subsidiary of the group, has entered into a fully disclosed Clearing relationship with Goldman Sachs & Co (“GSCO”) for the execution and settlement of all transactions undertaken on North American and European markets. This allows United First Partners LLC to provide state of the art execution combined with straight through processing settlement solutions in conjunction with electronic confirmation and allocation for Oasys Domestic users.

Once an investment decision has been made and an order has been executed, clients require confidence that they can utilize their investment from the settlement date. We, together with our partners Schneider Trading Associates Limited, Goldman Sachs International (GSI), Goldman Sachs & Co (“GSCO”), ensure that the process between execution, clearing and settlement is smooth, efficient and secure.

In the US, United First Partners LLC is a registered broker/dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC
In the UK, United First Partners is a registered trading name of Schneider Trading Associates Limited which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
In Switzerland, UFP Capital SA is regulated by PolyReg
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