About us

United First Partners (“UFP”) is a global financial services firm specializing in Special Situations Advisory, UFP has offices in New York, Miami, London, Paris, Geneva, Dubai and Melbourne.

UFP delivers first-rate client services across financial markets globally, including execution across all asset classes, awarding-winning special situations research, private equity and credit, investment solutions, structured products as well as advisory and asset management services.

Our real-time research is accessible through dedicated regional online platforms (Europe, North
America, Asia). Desktop version and mobile app are available (Apple Store & Google Play) For more information go to www.ufpresearch.com

UFP offers bespoke investment solutions to corporates and security holders alike, including stake building/disposals, shareholder activism and special situations.

Our strategy and core values allowed us to build an extensive customer base including leading hedge funds, private equity, long only funds, corporates, sovereign wealth funds and family offices.

Our achievements, independence, unique business model and strong reputation have enabled UFP to become an attractive and reliable partner for business associates and talented professionals.

In the US, United First Partners LLC is a registered broker/dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC
In the UK & Australia, United First Partners is a registered trading name of Mariana UFP LLP which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
In the UAE, Mariana UFP Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited is regulated by the DFSA and is licensed to conduct broking activities
In Switzerland, UFP Capital SA is regulated by PolyReg

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